The truth about hard money investment funding

The Truth About Hard Money Investment Funding

Business Financing 1 of 20   The truth about hard money investment funding   Now that the real estate market is up and running again, you may be considering diving into this very lucrative market. But where can you find the funds you need to make a serious go of it? The answer, for many…

which type of funding is best for my business

Which Type of Funding is Best for My Business

Funding For My Business Ideas When determining where to begin the search for startup funding, your first step should be to determine how much you actually need and how much you could potentially use. This is because different amounts require different funding sources. Once you realize how much you need, then it is time to…


Five Things Investors Want to Hear

What Investors Are Looking For You’re ready to ask for the capital you need. For your best chance to get it, keep these five tips in mind before you present your proposal. You’ll impress your investors with professionalism and a solid plan.   Know Your Market. Whether you provide a product or service, you are filling …

Sources Of Business Financing - Prosperum Solutions

Sources Of Business Financing

Business Financing Options   Choosing the right sources for funding your business may mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. Tapping several different sources of capital may take considerable time and effort, but is a viable option for businesses in today’s economy. Check if your community offers Tax Increment Financing. In some states, the subsidies…

what is commercial factoring

What Is Commercial Factoring?

Understanding Commercial Factoring   One of the major problems inhibiting the growth and success of new businesses is the lack of adequate financing. In order to stay afloat and continue to expand, there has to be a steady stream of funding to work from, and for a new business, it can be difficult for your cash…

small business financing

Five Must-Read-Blogs about Small Business Financing

When you firmly decide you want to start a business, you will need money. Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to find start up funds, never mind cash to keep the business going. But there is small business financing and funding available. These five blogs will show you what your options are, how to find the…